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Welcome to Custom Katana, supplier of quality Budo equipment, Japanese samurai swords (katana) and weaponry since 2003. 

Welcome to our site, at Custom Katana we aim to bring you the very best in Budo / Martial Arts equipment. Over the last 10 years we have managed to source the very best in Japanese Weaponry including Japanese swords (Katana) Bokken, Jo Staff, Keikogi and many related accessories from throughout the world. 

Our team are high grade practitioners themselves and we are not in the business to supply cheap inferior product, such as seen on our competitor sites. If we are not prepared to use it ourselves we will not sell it. 

Custom Katana Price Promise

Custom Katana aim to be the best value UK supplier, If you find the same item available cheaper we will be happy to beat their price. Don't hesitate in contacting our Customer Service team.

Custom Made Tsuba

Tsuba-shi Jon Meikle is now offering custom made Tsuba to your own requirements. These are custom designed and hand crafted using traditional methods. Real works of art. 

pre-owned Samurai Swords

Custom Katana is now offering a unique service to re-house your swords. Contact us for further details. Please note we can only sell traditionally forged or iaito blades. 


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Hanwei / Paul Chen swords including Re-enactment Weapons / Japanese Katana (Samurai Swords), Imperial Forge Katana / Wakizashi / Tanto, Thaitsuki (samurai) Swords, Iaito, nodatchi, tachi, Odachi, Pole arms including Naginata and Yari, extensive wooden weapons for martial arts practitioners, including Japanese made Bokken and Jo Staffs, Tonfa, nunchaku, bokuto, shotto, kama, tsuba, tsuba dome. We also stock a vast aray of katana (samurai) sword fitting such as Tsuba, Menuki, Habaki, Shitadome, Fuchi, Kashira, Sageo and tsuka ito. For maintenance of your weapons we supply the very best in Cleaning Kits, Choji Oil, Uchiko Powder, Mekugi Pegs. For the martial arts practitioners we offer an extensive range of Gi, keikogi for disciplines such as Aikido, Karate, Iaido, Kendo, Judo, Kenjutsu and Ju jitsu. In our uniform section we also have accessories such as knee pads for Iaido and a full range of martial arts belts and obi. For those book worms among us we also offer a wide collection of books covering a wide range of disciplines such as Iaido, Kenjutsu, Karate, Judo, Japanese swords (Samurai Swords) and other weapon arts.

If you feel there are item which we don't currently stock please get in touch. We'll try and source them for you.