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Hanwei Iaito Series

Hanwei Iaito blades are made from a stainless steel material and have a dull edge for training practice. Since these blades are not made using a "Traditionally Forged Method" they are NOT exempt from the UK sword law legislation. Therefore the swords on this page can only be purchase by martial arts practitioners. Evidence of this will be required to purchase these products.


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Nami Iaito

 SH5006 204.99

Blade Length:


Gorin Iaito

SH5010 260.99

Blade Length:


Tsuru Iaito

SH5014 334.99

Blade Length:



Practical Iaito

SH5014 204.99

Blade Length:




Practical Plus Iaito

SH6001 284.99

Blade Length:




Musashi Iaito

SH6003 452.99

Blade Length:




Tori Iaito

SH6007 472.99

Blade Length: